August 5, 2013

Liebester Award

Thank you so much, Maryam, for nominating me for the award! I love your blog and I appreciate you discorvering my blog and following me as well. If you would like to check out Maryam's blog, you can click right HERE!     

Here are the rules:
1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves
2. Answer the questions that the tagger set for you plus create 11 new questions for the people you've tagged to answer.
3. Choose 11 people and link them to your post.
4. Go to their page and tell them
5. No tag backs!

Ten things about me:
1. I am 20 years old.
2. I graduated with my AA degree before my high school diploma.
3. I am "job searching" at this moment.
4. I love makeup and if it was easy to build clientele, I'd love to be a makeup artist.
5. I have been with my boyfriend for almost six years now!
6. I have two dogs; a German Shepard and a Siberan Husky.
7. I loved accounting when I was in college.
8. I have a Bachelor's degree in Supervision and Management.
9. My favorite candy is Twix.
10. I love heels! I just wish I had a place to wear them everyday.
11. I have always wanted to become a police officer.

Questions from Maryam:
1. Lipstick or lipgloss?
I love lipstick! I just think a bright color or neutral can complete the whole look.

2.When was the first time you were introduced or tried on makeup?
I think the first time I was introduced to makeup was during high school. I actually learned how to apply makeup when I ran across YouTube videos and my obsession started from there.
3.Where do you see yourself in five years?
In five years, I see myself as a manager of either a retail store or within an office setting.
4.Who do you look up to the most?
I look up to my parents the most because they are great in everything that they do.
5.Neutral make up palette or colorful makeup palette?
Colorful makeup palatte! I love bright colors and experimenting with different color combonations.
6. What is your favorite foundation?
This is probably crazy...but I don't own a foundation! I usually use tinted moisturizer.
7.What is the one beauty product you wish you had?
One beauty product that I wish I had was a laser hair removal system. I recently saw it on the Sephora website and now I'm dying to have it!
8.What is the one beauty product you can't live without?
I can't live without lip balm. I'm pretty comfortable without any makeup on, but I love having moisturized lips.
9. What kind of hair do you wish you had? Curly or Straight hair?
I have straight hair and I usually wish I had curly or wavy hair. I feel that if I had curly hair that would be one less thing I would have to worry about in the morning! haha.
10.Heels or flats?
I love heels!
11.What does beauty mean to you?
I think that beauty comes from within. I think it is more important to have a beautiful personality before being flawless. If you are not beautiful isnide, you will not be beautiful outside.

I tag these gorgeous ladies:
        These are my questions to you!
1. Eyeliner or Mascara?
2. In reality, do you wear makeup everyday?
3. Are you persuing a career in the beauty industry? Or something completely different?
4. If you could be a celebrity for the day, who would you pick?
5. Ulta or Sephora?
6. What is your favorite lipstick color?
7. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
8. Bright wardrobe or Neutrals?
9. What is your favorite type of food?
10. What is your favorite brand of clothing?
11. What do you find most beautiful about yourself?
I can't wait to read all of your responses! Please leave a link below of your post! :)


  1. Thank you so much for nominating me! I thought I would answer your questions here instead :) xx

    1. Mascara to make my eyelashes look more alive although I love my eyeliner!
    2. No, I only wear makeup when I'm going out or if we're having people coming over
    3. I'm not sure what I want to do right now but I would love a job in beauty! :)
    4. Maybe Kaley Cuoco? I love the Big Bang theory!
    5. I haven't shopped in either as I'm in the UK
    6. Probably pink/peach :)
    7. Go back to Spain because I really miss it! Mykonos and the padlock bridge in France :)
    8. A bit of both! I wear a LOT of monochrome, always go dark on trousers and bottom half and occasionally a slighter brighter top, mainly neutrals :)
    9. I love pasta and BBQ food and I do have quite a sweet tooth! I love ginger and coconut as well :)
    10. Topshop! Primark has some lovely things too :)
    11. Ummm..... Nothing? :/ woops! Haha

    Thanks again :) xx

    1. You're welcome!

      We have something in common...I love pasta too! I could proabably eat it every single day.

  2. Following back via GFC and Bloglovin #16

  3. Always exciting to get tagged for this award :) I'm going to do what Molly did and answer the questions on here if it's ok ? x

    1. Mascara
    2. yes, well I wear it 6/7 days sometimes 7/7
    3. I'm pursuing a career in writing, would love to work for a magazine
    4. OOoo this one is hard maybe Beyonce, she's so empowering or maybe Kate middleton
    5. I'm from the UK so neither ;)
    6. pink blush (or something like that) from revlon.. so natural pinks
    7. America, or Australia, or Hawaii.. ahh can't pick, I've only been to Europe
    8. Neutrals
    9. chocolate ( I eat it for breakfast) or Chicken.. mm Nandoes
    10. I don't think I have a fave brand, so maybe clothes from Topshop
    11. my heart (cringe) But I feel a lot of guilt when someone gets hurt. I'm very anti bullying! If you're talking about image I would say my eyes maybe lol

    Thanks for mentioning me again :) xxx

    1. Laura,

      I am very anti-bulling too! I was bullied in high school so that subejct is very touchy.

      & Beyonce is awesome! :)

  4. I love your blog! Following you
    Make sure you also check out my blog and follow me back
    x John Setrodipo

    1. Thank you, John!

      I will be checking out your blog. :)

  5. Thank you so much for nominating me :) Just followed your blog! Looking forward to doing the post as your questions look really good :) xx