August 14, 2013

A Rediscovered Favorite

I have been trying to go through my nail polish collection and use polishes I haven't tried in a long time. This is China Glaze's "Gelato". I know I have done a post on this before, but I am in love with it all over again!

In my original post, I used three coats. This time I only did two coats and a top coat. I actually really like the way it turned out. This polish has almost a "jelly" like texture that really draws me to it.
Here is the polish in normal light. Isn't it gorgeous?! It really just blends right in with my complexion and it makes my fingers look very long and feminine. Not only do I love this color on my hands, but I love it on my toes! It looks amazing and it would pass as a neutral. I usually like to paint my toes neutral so I can paint my nails whatever color I want to because my toes last two weeks.
If you ever see this color, I would pick it up ASAP!
Do you have a "go-to" polish?


  1. My 'go-to' polish is I'm Not Really a Waitress by OPI. It's the perfect shade of red. I absolutely love it.

    1. That looks like such a pretty color! I'll have to check it out :)

  2. Love it!