October 24, 2011

SkinCare Cosmetics - Retinol Eye Gel

I purchased this eye gel a few months ago from Sally's and I've used quite a bit of it. I have not noticed significant differences, but I don't have wrinkles yet. I'm just using it for preventative measures. I bought this mainly for my under eye circles that really bother me. I notice that when I put this on, it really makes my skin feel tight and taunt and that makes me feel like it's working. After a few minutes, I do notice my puffy eyes reduced a little bit. I would definitely recommend this product for anyone who is trying to prevent aging as well as puffy eye circles. For those who have wrinkles, I would give it a try because it could work for you! :)

Product: SkinCare Cosmetics Retinol Eye Gel
Price: $10.99
Bottom Line: Buy It!

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