June 30, 2013

Target Haul - Shorts!

Is it just me or does Target always have the cutest clothes? I can always find a shirt or two when I walk into their doors, unless I try to avoid that area. This time I went into Target for a specific reason...shorts!
These are the first pair I picked out. I love the tweed feel of them and they are quite comfortable. They are the style "Chino" by Mossimo. They are a great length which is something that drew me to them.
They second pair are my favorite! These are also the "Chino" style by Mossimo. These are a little bit more "airy" than the gray ones, though.
This is what the back of both of the shorts look like. They have a high pocket on the back, but they are not working. Actually, there are not any pockets on these shorts.
Both of these shorts were only $26. They were originally $19.99 a piece, but I like to find deals. :)

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