June 27, 2013

Nutra Nail Rock Hardener - Starting Day

My nails have been peeling and splitting like crazy! I looked up reviews on the best nail hardeners and I ran across Nutra Nail. I've tried many types of hardeners from Sally's, but none of them have worked for me. I found this polish at Publix. I'm pretty sure they have it at Walmart and Target, too.

This is my nails before I applied Nutra Nail & before I trimmed down my nails. My ring finger and pinkie do not have much splitting or breakage. However, my other three nails do all of the time! They are very easy to bend and break very easy.
This is after one coat of Nutra Nail and having my nails trimmed down. I am going to try and apply the polish every day. I've noticed that when you apply more than one coat, it starts to turn into a milky white color which I really like.
I will make sure to post next Thursday about my progress!

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