September 9, 2013

MAC Haul - 9/9/2013

I love MAC! Their packaging is gorgeous to me and their products are amazing quality. Every once and a while, I like to treat myself. These are the lipsticks I purchased on Tuesday and I received them on Friday. Amazingly fast shipping!

The first lipstick I purchased was "Flat Out Fabulous". This is from their new Retro Matte collection. I have already worn this once and I love it! It is a gorgeous fuchsia-pink.
The second lipstick I purchased was also from the Retro Matte collection. This one is called "Relentlessly Red". When I pulled it out of the packaging, I thought it was going to look exactly like Lady Danger. When next to each other, Relentlessly Red is a lot more pink than Lady Danger is orange.
The final thing I got was an eyeshadow in "Aqua". I'm pretty sure this photo isn't giving this shadow any justice. It is a gorgeous pastel blue color and I can't wait to do an eye look with it! Also, MAC pan eyeshadows have gone down to $10 each! I am so excited about this because I may be apt to buy even more eyeshadows.
Also, they gave me a sample of one of their mascaras. I really like the way MAC is moving! :)


  1. I LOVE MAC lipsticks too. I love the MAC red, I have been wearing it a lot. This pink is very pretty too. I like the creme lipsticks as the formula is non drying.

    1. I've never tried the creme ones. I will have to give those a try! :) Almost all of the ones I have are matte.