May 26, 2013

Almay Instense I-Color Liquid Liner "Purple Amethyst"

Today I decided to wear Almay's Liquid liner in "Purple Amethyst". I haven't really worn colored eyeliner except for black, so this is a lot different for me. I actually got this product for free at Target using coupons. I didn't know they had black until I went on Target's website and saw that black was an option.
Here's the brush. Typically, I don't like brushes like this because product tends to get on my eyelashes when applying. Actually, this didn't happen to me with this eyeliner. I think that the filter in the top wipes off enough product so it doesn't do that.
This is the liner when applied. Actually, it wasn't hard to do a wing with this liner and it was pretty effortless. When I purchased this, I don't remember if it was for Hazel or Green eyes, but it really makes the green in my eyes pop; as any purple eyeliner or shadow would.
Overall, I do really like this eyeliner. It hasn't run or smudged, which is great when I'm living in the Florida heat. It does fade a little bit, but that's a lot better than running. Next, I'm going to pick the black up to see if it's as great! :)

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