June 3, 2012

MAC "Whisper of Gilt" Extra Dimension Skinfinish

Wiithout Flash

With Flash

Whisper of Gilt extra dimension skinfinish was, I'd say, the second most popular color in this collection. Superb was the most popular, but I like I like this one even more! I'm sure by now it would be very hard to find, but if there is one color that you could find, I'd pick this one up. It seems more like a highlight to me and the consistency is a lot better than Superb, in my opinion. I hope they bring this back so everyone gets the chance to see how amazing they are!


  1. I love MAC so much, I love your blog too :)


  2. Gorgeous! We all love a little shimmer on the cheeks! I have quite the makeup collection myself. Want to follow each other doll?

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