December 3, 2011

How I Organize my Makeup (Updated)!

 This is the same drawer as before, just my collection has grown! :P This is all of my eye makeup because I don't typically wear any face makeup. So you can take my ideas and turn them into what you need for your makeup storage!
 In the little glass jar I have my eyeshadow primers. I find this easy to grab them and find the one I want quickly. 
 Next, is the container on the right next to my palettes. This has all of my single eyeshadows, duo's, and quads. In the front I also have my lip balms I use everyday as well as tweezers. 
 This is the container all the way to the left. It has my baked Ulta shadows all the way in the back, Sally's girl eyeshadows in the middle, and depotted NYX Jumbo pencils in the front. 
The last thing in my drawer is my lip products. This was the little case in the back of the drawer. It's easier for me to do this because it saves space and I can just pull it out and see which one I want to use.
Finally is my mascaras and eyeliners! (Excuse my Christmas decorations, haha). These are on the ledge to my shower and I just put them in two little vases from the dollar store. I love this way of storing them because it looks cute and it is easy to find anything you need!

So that's it! If you have any questions let me know :) 

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