April 29, 2011

How I Store my Nail Polish & Accessories

First up is my nail polish, of course! :) I got this rack for Christmas from my parents (they bought it off of ebay) & I love it to death! It holds all of my nail polish, for now at least, and it looks very organized. I know I'm going to buy more polish, so in the future I'm probably going to just use this rack for my China Glaze polishes.

Next, is my rhinestones, glitter, & little nail art pieces. I bought these cases from Wal-mart & they were about $6 each. Each of the little round holders is separate from the holder, so you can just take the ones out that you want, which I love about this. I think this is a way better deal then buying it from Sally's or a beauty supply store because just five of the little round holders is $6!

Lastly is all my nail care stuff! I bought this container from Wal-mart for about $5. The top drawer holds nail files and buffers. The middle drawer has nail clippers, brushes, cuticle clippers, and things like that. The last drawer has nail glue, rhinestone glue, and the fake nail that I practice designs on.

Thanks for reading! :)


  1. This is cool. Storing polish is an art too. Me I also have mini drawers.....