April 23, 2011

Chi Iron Guard

I've been using this product for about two years now. I really like it because it does seem to protect my hair when I straighten it. It also makes my hair stay all day without hairspray. The only downside is that it really doesn't smell good and it is really expensive! If the company fixed those two problems, I probably would re-purchase this product. But, once this is gone I'm trying another brand!

Product: Chi Iron Guard
Price: $14.00
Bottom Line: Leave It!


  1. Do you have the Chi Flat Iron? I heard those are the best out there but my hair is really curly and really long so I need a big flat iron not a little one.

  2. I do have a Chi Flat Iron and that is what has worked best for me! I used to have long hair and it worked great. My hair is very wavy and thick, but when I use the Chi it makes it very soft and silky. I would give it a try! :)