March 20, 2011

N.Y.C. Liquid Eyeliner

N.Y.C.'s liquid eyeliner is not the best. I used to use this eyeliner all the time, until I found something better. The one thing that I really like about this eyeliner is the color. It's very pigmented & it's a pretty color. On the other hand, this eyeliner tends to flake off when it dries. Not only that, but it takes about five minutes to dry! No lie! It is also pretty hard to achieve a straight line with this because the brush bristles seem to come apart easy. Another bad thing about this product is that the formula literally stinks! I can't even describe the smell, it's just horrible. So, this eyeliner is not at the top of my list.  

Product: N.Y.C. Liquid Eyeliner "Pearlized Black"
Price: $2.99
Bottom Line: Leave It!

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